Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Naval Photographic Interpretation Center

Here's a Season's Greetings Card from the crew at NPIC Naval Photographic Interpretation Center in Suitland, MD where I was stationed after "A" School.
The front of the card has the names and rank and the inside has the photographs of us "prisoners". I enlarged this more than the outside so you might be able to recognize some of the faces if you don't remember the name.
I don't see a couple of guys that I thought would be in this photo, but I remember that not all PH's were assigned to the Lab.
I remember a couple assigned to the Library and some assigned the Map Dept.
I hope that you can see an old PH buddy here.
I was not yet a PO (petty officer) as you can see, but I was a po (pee on)
Stev please note....ED Atchison is on the card.

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Anonymous said...

Active duty from 2/58-1/61.Boot camp:Bainbridge, MD. Norman, OK next (air fam training) "A" school, Pensacola, FL (photo School) PIC,@ US Naval Station, Anacostia, Washington, DC. Plank owner for new building, opened in Suitland, MD. Promoted from PHGAN to PH3 to PH2, while there; two years. Transfered to USS Pursuit AGS 17 to USS Hector AR 7. Separated to inactive reserve.
Walter Farber PH2 - contact welcomed.