Thursday, August 13, 2009


Before Pensacola, FL Photography "A" school and Norman, OK Airman Prep school there was BOOT CAMP. This is where your whole life changed forever. I found the photos above on line when doing a search for Great Lakes Training Center. The top photo is the front gate of Camp Moffett where I got my "boot" training back in 1958. It was an older camp with older buildings then the other camp across the road called Camp Dewey. We were in old fire trap buildings and we had heard the Camp Dewey recruits were living in new dormitory type buildings with only 4 guys to a room.

The next photo is of the drill hall where we spent many hours of learning the "manual of arms" This was heaven compared to the outside drill field especially in Dec. and Jan. when it was so brutally cold. I knew why they call Chicago the Windy City after I spent some time standing in that open drill field with the snow and wind pounding on you.

The last picture is from a site that is just loaded with things about the Navy and other things too. This photo although taken in the San Diego Boot Camp could also represent out barracks in Great Lakes. Check out this site listed on the links under Navy Sites, OLD BLUE JACKET,

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I was in boot camp in 1951 and I would like to visit the camp. I'm sure it has changed over the many years. Any photograps of the camp that are new? Please Email them to me at

Many Thanks
Paul McIver